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The Malvern 90 Day Model of Care

Current research indicates that for addiction treatment to be effective a patient needs to engage in the treatment process for at least 90 days. At Malvern Institute we provide an evidence-based model of clinical care along with a 12-step approach that will provide engagement and monitoring for at least 90 days. The 12-step approach to recovery is proven, effective, and an invaluable part of our programming. Our goal is to provide a foundation for lifelong recovery and our belief is that by providing our patients with a complete understanding of addiction, they will choose the path of recovery.

Our clinical continuum may include medically monitored detoxification followed by an intensive, structured residential stay that is based on the individual’s issues and needs. This phase of treatment builds a strong recovery foundation for the individual to step to an out-patient level of care. Throughout the process, the focus of care is dedicated to assisting the patient with making a solid commitment to their own recovery and a solid commitment to follow through with aftercare recommendations.


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The out-patient phase of treatment includes a partial hospital program, which is formatted to focus on the next steps in the recovery process. The time here can last anywhere between four to eight weeks, with a time frame of five hours a day. Patients are engaged in our evidence based treatment model along with more of the 12 step approach. The patients foundation will have grown stronger as they have spent more time clean and sober. The program will continue to decrease in hours as they are transitioning in our out-patient programming. The next level is our Intensive out-patient Program, spending approximately two and half hours a day with our team three days a week for approximately three to four weeks. We are your advocates during the entire process of treatment and will fight to have the insurance company pay for treatment at all levels. Once you have completed PHP and IOP the final program we offer is General Out-patient. This program is run one to two days a week with a length based on the individuals needs.

We pride ourselves on our evidence-based, 12 step approach at Malvern and include the family in part of our treatment programming.  To further our commitment to our patients and their families, Malvern has designed the Recovery Oriented Community (ROC), which is an ongoing network of engagement for the recovering individual and their family, utilizing various electronic media. The program is a two-pronged experience designed to support both the patient and the family. This valuable service includes specific, personal resources focused on helping families navigate their own recovery while understanding what their loved ones are going through in treatment. Focused on educating and empowering families, The ROC is a dynamic, state of the art tool. It was developed to utilize several avenues in which to communicate with people, such as texting, online support and phone calls.


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