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What Makes Malvern Great? Let our Alumni & Their Families Tell You!

    • Wonderful place that is helping my son finally beat this addiction – Clare L.


    • I got so tired of living the life of a downward spiral. I made a decision to turn my life around on Sep 15th 2012 and came to Malvern. Now life has become an upward spiral. I’ve been sober ever since, to this day, and I plan on staying that way… – Noah K.


    • Malvern institute helped me get clean 10.5 years ago. Everyone was so nice and caring. I would and do recommend this institute – Patricia A.


    • Thank you for helping me to be honest with myself and realize that I need to love and care for myself the way you all did. I realize now that I need to apply the same vigilance to sobriety as I did when I had cancer. I want to survive! The staff is so wonderful, patient, caring and hard working. I am grateful to all of you – KJ


    • My clean date is 10-03-2001. I’m still clean and it all started with Malvern – Robert M.


    • I absolutely loved it there…I honestly believe it was a place of healing and I learned so much. I wanted to be there and that is key. I just want to thank all the counselors, techs, nurses, kitchen staff, and management for helping me – Courtney W.


    • This place saved my life!!! – Drew R


    • Malvern started me on a continuing journey to sobriety; to seeking to be a better person; to leading a rewarding, accepting and full life…I have learned tools and have support from groups and fellow alcoholics – Anonymous


    • Malvern saved me. I am currently in school to become a Certified Addictions Counselor, so I can help others in the way that the counselors and staff at Malvern helped me – Chelsey L.


    • Life changing and saving experience. There will never be enough praise I could give – Christopher M.


    • I have learned tools and have support from groups and fellow alcoholics. I recall my stay at Malvern as transformative and urge suffering addicts and alcoholics to see if it can do for them what it did for me – Anonymous


    • This place is incredible. Awakening and life changing and moments of clarity happen everyday. Truly an inspirational, uplifting place that gives you hope and strength to carry on. My passion is helping others and this place taught so much…where there is A WILL there is A WAY – Leslie F.


    • Best decision I ever made was coming here for treatment. This place saved my life – JD


    • Inside Malvern I found a different world. A caring staff, no pretenses, no excuses, no lies, and a reintroduction to Alcoholics Anonymous. I came off my lofty, phony pedestal and washed dishes, related to residents half my age, learned I wasn’t unique – Anonymous


    • This place saved my life. Changing the world one day at a time…love you and thanks for everything Malvern – Dan S.






    • We’ve had such a positive experience with the entire Malvern Institute. I would like to thank everyone at Malvern…for providing such a loving and caring environment for recovery – Anonymous


    • Five years ago everyone here did their best to save my life and lay out the solution for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready. Five years later, and just over a year sober, I'm grateful to Malvern for planting the seed, even if it took a while to grow – Dillon M.


    • Having this support from the ROC and the counselors at Malvern is the best support I’ve ever had and I am so grateful – Anonymous


    • If it wasn’t for Malvern to help me get a foothold on my sobriety for the first 28 days, I really don’t know where I would be right now. I could never imagine in my wildest dreams how life can be so wonderful sober – Anonymous


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