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A Letter From Scott Weisenberger, Malvern’s CEO

I have the best job in Malvern.

That’s because I get to work with great people – patients, their families and friends, and staff – all rowing in the same direction. That direction is to help people carve a new path for themselves, which isn’t always easy but is always rewarding.

I strongly believe that human beings are programmed for success and that success comes to people in its own time. Success, however, won’t find us in the throes of the addiction.

Recovery is an opportunity for people to trade sorrow, fear, and lack of direction for a life that emphasizes meaning and purpose – and, of course, success. That’s what we try to instill in everyone who comes to Malvern Institute.


We’re in the grips of an opiate epidemic that’s costing vibrant people their lives. In fact, the worst part of my job is informing patients that someone from their community has passed away due to an overdose. It’s never easy and never something I get used to.

Recently, opiate overdose among young people has surpassed car accidents as a cause of death. Our hope remains that as we try new techniques and implement new programs, these statistics will reverse. We remain open to continuing to improve our services to all of our constituents, young and old alike. It’s never too late or too early to choose recovery.

Often, people outside recovery circles will point to a high relapse rate among substance-dependent individuals. The reality is the relapse rate among substance abusers is generally on par with other diseases. It’s just that the stakes are high and often dramatic when it comes to relapse.

People will sometimes ask me, “What works?” The reality is that everything works as long as it’s in the spirit of recovery. We hope that coming to Malvern is like coming to a home away from home – where patients can make some difficult choices for themselves, but are always cradled by recovery and hope.

The only thing I insist upon is that our patients and their families are always treated with respect. I’m proud of our staff, who get to know our patients’ names and the names of their loved ones, which to me is the epitome of respect. You might not get granite countertops at Malvern, but you will be respected.

I invite you to look through our website and explore the many possibilities that Malvern Institute holds. Whether you choose Malvern or some other facility – choose recovery, however it might come about.

Some of my friends who have only a casual understanding of addiction and recovery ask me what I do all day on the job. My reply: “I sell optimism and hope.” That’s the story of Malvern. It was the story when we were founded in 1948 and it’s the story today.

Warmest Regards,
Scott Weisenberger, CEO