Cherry Hill, NJ Outpatient Treatment Center

Cherry Hill is in southern NJ and is situated in the Delaware Valley coastal plain, approximately 8 miles southeast of Philadelphia.

Cherry Hill, NJ Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

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    Malvern Institute is the Delaware Valley region's oldest private addiction treatment provider. As a leader in the field for 70 years, our dedicated clinicians have successfully helped individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. The Malvern Model, our unique treatment approach, focuses on all-encompassing recovery to inspire hope for a better tomorrow. Outpatient programming is a vital component of the treatment process. We strive to provide a solid foundation needed for a life of sobriety and happiness. Outpatient treatment is a pillar of The Malvern Model, which utilizes only evidence-based treatment methods. Our outpatient services offers an individualized treatment approach, which includes education, psychiatric evaluations, mindfulness and relapse prevention through individual, group and family counseling sessions. Our facility in Cherry Hill is located in southern New Jersey on the Delaware Valley coastal plain, approximately 8 miles away from Philadelphia. Our Cherry

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Our team of therapists specialize in addiction treatment and delivering respectful, empathetic, and professional care. Patient services include:
• Partial Hospitalization
• Intensive Outpatient
• General Outpatient
• Psychiatric Addiction Treatment
• Treatment of co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, mindfulness, family roles and relationships
• Medication Assisted Treatment
• Family Support through the ROC program
Dr. Michael W. Shore, President of the New Jersey chapter of the American Society