Cherry Hill, NJ Outpatient Treatment Center

Cherry Hill is in southern NJ and is situated in the Delaware Valley coastal plain, approximately 8 miles southeast of Philadelphia.

Cherry Hill, NJ Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

  • Cherry Hill, NJ Outpatient Treatment

    Malvern Institute’s team of clinicians specialize in addiction treatment and deliver respectful, empathetic, and professional care at our new state-of-the-art outpatient center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Dr. Michael W. Shore, M.D. leads the Medication Assistance Recovery Program along with psychiatric and addiction services. Dr. Shore also serves as the Region IV Director of the American Society of Addiction Medicine for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. At Malvern Institute, we believe that recovery is available to anyone, as long as they are willing enough to try. Over the past 70 years we have employed evidence-based care in all of our treatment programs, with great results, and because of this we believe that we give all of our patient’s the ability to achieve lifelong recovery. So if you are thinking about giving treatment another try, but you are worried a

  • Cherry Hill, NJ General Outpatient Treatment

    What is General Outpatient Treatment (GOP)? General Outpatient Treatment, like the kind we offer at Cherry Hill is a form of substance abuse treatment that usually comes after Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient programs are completed. It can stand on its own as a form of substance abuse treatment, where an individual will enroll directly into a General Outpatient Program, but more times then not it acts as a continuation of the treatment process. It is typically 5 or less clinical hours a week, which amounts to attending treatment a couple of days throughout the week. During this phase of the recovery program an individual is spending a majority of their time outside of the treatment center: at work, school, with their families, and such. They will begin to learn how to interact with the outside world from a new sober perspective and because of this they may run into certain pr

  • Cherry Hill, NJ Intensive Outpatient Treatment

    What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)? Intensive Outpatient Treatment, like the kind we offer through at Cherry Hill center, is the part of the treatment process where patients travel to the center for group and individual therapies three days a week. During this phase of the recovery program patients do not live at the facility, but rather they live at their home or in a sober living environment. It will often times take a few months before a newly sober individual feels truly comfortable in their sobriety and so it is important that they get the support and care they need, for as long as they need it. At Malvern Institute we believe that the treatment process should be informed by our patient’s needs, rather than a set number of days or general benchmarks. After almost 70 years of helping alcoholics and addicts we understand that continual support

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Our team of therapists specialize in addiction treatment and delivering respectful, empathetic, and professional care. Patient services include:
• Partial Hospitalization
• Intensive Outpatient
• General Outpatient
• Psychiatric Addiction Treatment
• Treatment of co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, mindfulness, family roles and relationships
• Medication Assisted Treatment
• Family Support through the ROC program
Dr. Michael W. Shore, President of the New Jersey chapter of the American Society