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Malvern Institute’s Recovery Oriented Community (ROC)

young african couple having conflictOur family program was developed with the understanding that the disease of addiction has no limitations and can affect everyone involved, not only the person struggling with dependency. Whether it is a husband, wife, friend, family member, or colleague, our goal is to improve his or her understanding of the disease of addiction.


The educational program is hosted by our clinical staff, providing educational tools and support services for your loved one as they embark on their journey of lifelong recovery. Covered topics include: how healthy family systems operate, setting up boundaries, how family roles lead to codependency, skills for families to find recovery, identifying personality traits associated with addiction, and much more. Families are encouraged, but not required to participate in 12-Step Recovery Meetings.


To further our commitment, Malvern has designed the Recovery Oriented Community (ROC)-an ongoing network of engagement for the recovering individual and their family.


Research indicates that in order to build a foundation for lifelong recovery, a patient needs to engage in treatment for a minimum of 90 days. Malvern lnstitute’s philosophy and treatment design has been developed to provide this foundation.


Upon admission, families and patients have a unique opportunity to become members of the Recovery Oriented Community (ROC). The program will be a two pronged experience designed to support the patient and the family. This valuable service includes specific, personal resources focused on helping families navigate their own recovery while understanding what their loved ones are going through in treatment. Focused on educating and empowering families, ROC is a dynamic, state of the art tool utilizing several avenues of communication such as texting, online support, and phone calls.

To learn more please contact us at 610.MALVERN (625-8376) and ask to speak to the ROC Representative.