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Pennsylvania Treatment Programs

Pennsylvania Drug Treatment Programs

Founded in 1948, Malvern Institute is the region’s oldest private addiction treatment center. From our humble beginnings we have grown into one of Pennsylvania’s most comprehensive and effective substance abuse treatment centers. Today we provide an evidence-based, complete continuum of care for those affected by the disease of addiction. Under the Malvern umbrella we operate two inpatient detox and rehabilitation centers, as well as multiple outpatient locations in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We have accomplished this success through an unrivaled dedication to clinical care and innovative treatment solutions.

Pennsylvania Rehab Programs


Embracing recovery isn’t always easy. After living in the throes of active addiction for so long, it’s hard to imagine a life without alcohol or drugs. Even though addiction is the cause of many profound consequences, many people who suffer from substance abuse have an intense fear of withdrawal, causing them to resign themselves to addiction indefinitely. Unfortunately, many of the objectives that individuals have to

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Although there are a number of reasons why an individual/person may choose to stay in active addiction, fear of withdrawal is surely one of the biggest and most common, keeping individuals locked in the cycle of addiction. Of course, the countless consequences of addiction often evoke the desire to stop using alcohol or drugs; however, the intensity of physical withdrawal that occurs in the absence of drugs lIke heroin, painkillers, benzodiazepines, and alcohol ca

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Inpatient Treatment

To many people, inpatient and residential addiction treatment is the worst case scenario. The perception is that the need for inpatient care indicates that the individual’s addiction has reached such a level of severity that inpatient care is a requirement. As well, there’s something daunting about the prospect of having to leave one’s family, close friends, spouse, and other loved ones behind while residing at a residential treatment facility; it’s a tota

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Outpatient Treatment

Due to our intense dedication to cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and use of the most proven treatment methods, each of the programs offered at Malvern Institute has been considered among the top recovery programs available, both in Pennsylvania and nationwide. The same goes for our general outpatient program, which is the most versatile and flexible of all our programs. Although we encourage its use as part of the Malvern 90-Day Model, there may be some indivi

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Addiction treatment programs can be confusing. What’s the difference between residential and inpatient treatment? Are day treatment and partial day treatment programs the same thing? Is detoxification built into inpatient treatment or is it totally separate? There are so many questions a person may have about addiction treatment, so we’re going to answer at least one of them by giving you a brief tutorial on partial hospitalization treatment at Malvern Institu

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Aftercare / Alumni

Completing an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program is an accomplishment worthy of pride as it facilitates the return to a healthy, sober life. Throughout an addiction treatment program, individuals who suffer from chemical dependency overcome the physical aspects of addiction while learning about the disease of addiction itself and the ways in which one can sustain sobriety long-term. However, recovery isn’t something that one finishes, ending with the c

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

There’s no right or wrong way to overcome an addiction; however, there are undoubtedly some methods of recovery that are more effective than others. At Malvern Institute, we have made it our mission to combine the most cutting-edge therapies with proven treatment methods into a program that arms individuals with all the skills and strategies they need to achieve lifelong recovery. As part of our Malvern 90-Day Model our intensive outpatient program offers a uniq

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