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Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment at Malvern

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – addiction treatment is overwhelming and frightening! It requires a level of determination, resolve, and help that are monumental. In other words, it changes lives.

None of that matters when you’re going through it though! Whether you’re thinking about treatment for yourself, a family member, or a friend – it’s scary. Thankfully, there are places like Malvern that are here to help! To that end, we’ve put together a helpful rehab FAQ. Find answers to common questions below. More importantly, find the knowledge that you’re not alone. Find the strength that comes from knowing there are people who have dedicated their lives to fighting addiction.

If you have questions we haven’t answered, or want to learn more about treatment at Malvern, call us today at 610-647-0330.


What’s Treatment Like?
How Long is It?
How Do I Know Treatment’s the Right Choice?
What Do I Do Next?
What Should I Bring?
What Should I Leave at Home?
Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?
What Happens After Treatment?
What About Relapse?
What Can I Do When My Loved One’s in Treatment?