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The Aftercare & Alumni Program at Malvern

Malvern’s stellar recovery programs don’t end when our patients complete treatment. Far from it! Once you or your loved one graduates our continuum of care, you’re offered the chance to join our unique aftercare and alumni program. This is an organization run by Malvern alumni and supported by our clinical staff. Its goal is focused and simple – former patients help each other stay clean and sober!

While it goes by several names – The Malvern Institute Association, The Malvern Institute Alumni, etc. – our aftercare and alumni program is easy to get involved with. Call our main number at 610-647-0330 and ask to be plugged into the alumni community. One of our alumni, or a member of our clinical staff, will be in touch shortly!


The Alumni Association

Our aftercare and alumni association is a group of former Malvern patients who have found a way out of active addiction and into a life beyond their wildest dreams. If that sounds corny, you haven’t experience the joys of recovery yet!

Our alumni association is active in and around the Philadelphia area and regularly hosts recovery events. Some of these past events include:

  • Sober Brunches
  • Camping & Canoe Trips
  • Sober Holiday Cookouts for Summer Holidays
  • Sober Holiday Parties for Winter Holidays
  • Alumni 12-Step Meetings
  • & Much More!

In addition to offering dedicated events, our aftercare and alumni association offers simple peer support. We believe in the old adage “sharing cuts your burden in half and doubles your triumphs!”

Our alumni are also active in the Pennsylvania recovery community. This includes AA, NA, CA, and various other twelve-step fellowships. In fact, our alumni stress the importance of regularly attending meetings, choosing a home group, getting a sponsor and sober supports, and working the twelve-steps.



In addition to a thriving alumni community, Malvern is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind recovery program – the ROC. This stands for the Recovery Oriented Community and is an on-going network of engagement for recovering addicts, alcoholics, and their families.

The ROC is a network of recovering individuals who communicate through texting, online support, and phone calls. This keep our current patients, alumni, and their families plugged into Malvern and our decades of experience and recovery resources. For a detailed exploration of the ROC and the numerous benefits it offers, check out this page dedicated to Recovery Oriented Communities.

For now, just know the ROC is a free service that our patients and their families gain access to upon admission to all levels of care at Malvern Institute.





It’s a tool to educate and empower addicts and their loved ones. It also provides resources like one-on-one consultations with Certified Recovery Specialists and confidential recovery support, monitoring, and coaching at no additional cost. We’re pretty proud of the ROC and we think you will be too!


Alumni 12-Step Meetings

While our aftercare and alumni association meets frequently for social events, there’s also the serious business of recovery itself. Well, our alumni are in luck! Not only do we have a successful community of former Malvern patients, but we offer alumni 12-step meetings at both of our residential campuses.

We host alumni meetings:

  • Tuesdays at 7:30pm at King Road – this is a speaker meeting open to all who have 30 days or more of continuous sobriety since discharge
  • Thursday at 8pm at Willow Grove – this is a general alumni meeting open to all who have 30 days or more of continuous sobriety since leaving Malvern

In addition to these dedicated alumni meetings, we offer twelve-step meetings 7 days a week at both our inpatient campuses. While these are generally reserved for our current patients, exceptions can be made to bring alumni speakers in. We also offer twelve-step and al-anon meetings at our PHP, IOP, and GOP campuses across Eastern Pennsylvania. Again, these are generally reserved for current patients, but alumni are welcome to come and speak.


Professionals in Recovery

As part of our ongoing commitment to recovery of all shapes and sizes, we offer a Healthcare Professionals in Recovery meeting at our Berwyn campus. Located in Chester County, this is one of our many PHP, IOP, and GOP counseling centers. However, every Friday night from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., it becomes the site of our Professionals in Recovery Meeting.

This is an intimate and small group of people who work in the healthcare field. It includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, therapists, emergency workers, first responders, and others.

The Professionals in Recovery meeting doesn’t focus on a single 12-step program. Rather, it draws literature and concepts from many. It’s also recognized by state programs like the VRP as a means of recovery for healthcare workers. For more info on Professionals in Recovery, call us today!