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Malvern’s General Outpatient Treatment Programs (GOP)

Our general outpatient programs are the least structured forms of treatment we offer. They’re a way for patients to receive the support, education, and premier clinical care associated with Malvern Institute, while at the same time integrating back to life, work, school, and relationships.

GOP differs from its cousins PHP and IOP in the scope of its clinical hours. While PHP and IOP consist of many hours of individual counseling and recovery groups each week, general outpatient is less than five cumulative weekly hours. This hands off approach allows our patients the freedom to take their sobriety to the next level. It’s an opportunity for them to apply, practice, and grow comfortable with the therapeutic and recovery techniques they’ve learned during higher levels of care.

GOP is, at its very heart, a way for patients to fully transition from the safety bubble of treatment to a life of dignity and long-term recovery.

To ensure this transition is productive and offers the best shot at permanent recovery, we take an individualized approach to our Pennsylvania GOP patients’ treatment plans. No two patients have the same plan because no two patients have the same experience. For more information on Malvern’s general outpatient programs, call us today at 610-647-0330.


Our General Outpatient Treatment Services

While individualized treatment plans and specialized recovery goals ensure that no two patients have the same GOP experience, there are some basic tenants we believe in at Malvern.

Since we first opened our doors way back in 1948, we’ve maintained a strict focus on evidence-based care. Our reason for this focus is simple – for close to 70 years now, providing evidence-based care has had an incredibly positive impact on our patients’ success.

We carry this into our GOP programs, which typically consist of the following core components:

  • Approximately 3 hours of clinical care per week. This can be one addiction group, two individual counseling sessions, or a mix of both.
  • A focus on process & educational groups, including Relapse Prevention, How to Maintain Healthy Employment, Educational Excellence, & many more!
  • An as needed focus on family recovery. Our patients’ families are encouraged to join their loved one in whatever capacity they feel comfortable.
  • An indefinite length of treatment – we’ve had patients meet in one GOP group weekly for 3 years.

We’ll touch on this last point – the unique, long-term benefits of GOP – below. For now, it’s important to note that these are only our baseline services. Our programs can, and often are, customized to individual patient’s needs. This dedication to providing the best possible treatment experience is just one more reason we’re able to confidently say Malvern is the most comprehensive addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania.

It's important to note that we don't admit patients to general outpatient if they're currently taking any form of buprenorphine or benzodiazepine. We'll work with them to safely and comfortably detox before entering our GOP program.


Our Pennsylvania General Outpatient Campuses

Here at Malvern, we believe in the power of community-based treatment. For that reason, we’re proud to say we offer general outpatient services across Pennsylvania.

We currently operate five GOP campuses in the greater Philadelphia area. These are:


Admission to Malvern’s GOP Program

Many of our GOP patients come from higher levels of care. They use our programs as a way to safely bridge the gap between treatment and a life free of mood and mind-altering substances. This isn’t always the case though. In fact, a large number of our GOP patients need the quality clinical care Malvern is known for, but at a lower level than residential, PHP, or IOP offers.

This is where our general outpatient programs become invaluable assets to long-term recovery of body, mind, and spirit.

Admission to our GOP campuses is based on a holistic assessment of the many aspects of our patients’ lives. This includes not only substance use, but social, relational, and psychological factors as well. After our treatment team determines which level of care is best for you or your loved one, the real work starts. We create an individualized treatment plan in collaboration with our patients, their families, and their referral sources.

A quick note on insurance coverage – while everyone’s situation is different, GOP generally doesn’t require precertification and is covered under most insurance plans. This makes treatment accessible for everyone. Find more info on our FAQ page.

Our general outpatient treatment plans are personalized to each patient. They’re created and updated based on the ever-evolving challenges individuals in early-recovery face. In other words – we make sure our GOP patients have a specific plan of action that ensures not only sobriety, but a truly comprehensive recovery in all areas of life.






The Unique, Long-Term Benefits of GOP

While we touched on the long-term benefits general outpatient treatment offers above, we didn’t get into the meat and potatoes of what makes this type of program so effective. The answer’s simple – GOP promotes long-term recovery because it meets patients where they’re at.

In other words, our GOP programs don’t offer cookie-cutter group and individual therapy options. They address the unique challenges encountered by men and women as they shift from treatment back to life.


In some cases, these challenges take the form of employment or education help. In others, the primary concern is relapse prevention. In still others, the primary concern is medication management and co-occurring disorders. Whatever a particular patient’s needs are, our general outpatient programs address and help in successfully resolving them without relapse.

We mentioned that one of our GOP groups has been meeting consistently for 3 years. There’s a reason for this. Our GOP program serves as a safety net, a source of accountability and stability for those reentering life. The people in that particular group, which meets once a week, have found a source of strength and hope in each other.

In this way, GOP closely resembles the foundation of various twelve-step groups – sharing challenges to make them easier and sharing successes to make them sweeter. For more information on our GOP groups and their long-term recovery benefits, call us today at 610-647-0330.