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The Complete Guide to Successful Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Intervention Services

We are proud to offer our intervention services to the community. As leaders in the field of addiction we know that providing evidence based-treatment and community resources is the foundation to recovery. Another part of our continuum is our intervention services. If you are concerned about a friend, family member or coworker and have attempted to reach out without success, you can turn to us for help!


What is an intervention?

An intervention is an effort, usually arranged by concerned family, friends or coworkers to get someone to seek help with an addiction or other crisis situation. The term intervention is often used when the crisis situation involves addiction to drugs or alcohol.

There are multiple models of interventions. Interventions are either direct-involving a confrontational meeting with the individual in crisis – or indirect, working with the family and other interested parties, helping them to be more effective in communicating with the addicted person.

The Malvern Model of treatment incorporates the family into the treatment process as this is an invaluable part of recovery. We know that the disease of addiction has no limitations and affects everyone involved, not just the person struggling with dependency.


Intervention Planning

We will help guide you and your family throughout the whole intervention process. It is vital that the plans for an intervention are made with our professional team and the concerned group of family or friends. During the intervention planning stages you will be working confidentially with our interventionist in regards to the planning of the intervention and be able to have all of your questions answered.


Key features of a Malvern Model Intervention

The Malvern Model of Intervention starts immediately; working with those concerned about their loved one’s well-being. Malvern incorporates its evidence-based, 90-day Model of Treatment beginning with an intervention. Once in treatment, Malvern monitors your loved one’s recovery progress and continues to follow up with the families and patients through our Recovery Oriented Community (ROC) program.

Contact our intervention services staff at 610.MALVERN (625-8376) for more information.