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How hospitals can help physicians fight opioid epidemic

March 16, 2018 – All society members must come together and do their part to address the nation’s drug epidemic. That includes addiction treatment providers, elected officials, and community members, as well as families impacted by the disease of addiction.

This week, Dr. Brian McDonough shared a unique look on CBS3 at how hospitals can assist doctors and physicians in limiting the amount of opioids prescribed to patients:

A big step could be could be made by removing what is known as “pain satisfaction scores” from the variety of surveys that rate physicians and hospitals for the care they provide.

As someone who was on the front lines seeing patients on a daily basis, I can tell you that the surveys have an impact in how physicians practice and how hospitals monitor the physicians who worked for them.

As long as a person who wants pain medication prescribed to them as part of their addiction can use the surveys to manipulate how hospitals and physicians are evaluated, there is the potential for unnecessary prescribing of narcotics.

Malvern Institute: We Give Hope

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Read the full story on CBS Philly.


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