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Nicholas C. Tenaglia, MD

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Malvern Health.

Nicholas C. Tenaglia, MD, serves as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Progressions Companies and Malvern Institute.

He entered the military in August 1969 during the Vietnam War, serving on active duty as a major stationed at Fort Bragg in the Psychiatric division. Dr. Tenaglia observed many servicemen getting caught with drugs in backpacks, forcing them to be sent home with dishonorable discharges and criminal records despite serving their country well.

Dr. Tenaglia started a drug treatment program for servicemen whose records would be cleared upon successful completion. After experimenting with treatment approaches, a 90-day rehab program found success. This program was thought to be the first drug treatment program in the military because drug addiction was “unheard of” at the time among servicemen before the Vietnam War.

After his discharge from the military, Dr. Tenaglia made it his mission to modernize treatment when Progressions Companies began in 1978. Malvern Institute became a subsidiary of the Progressions Companies in 1996.


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